Financial Officers' Association


2017 Business

Future Conference

April 3 – April 5

April 23 – April 25

April 14 – April 16

Conferences will be
held at the beautiful
Anaheim Marriott.

The Financial Officers Association (FOA) is comprised of one delegate per campus, selected by the respective Chief Administrative and Business Officer (CABO), usually at the level of Associate (Assistant) Vice President and one primary representative from each of department within Business and Financial Affairs in the Chancellor's Office.

FOA serves as the subject matter expert to the CSU and CABO in fiscal management, budget and other administrative support services. Additionally, the FOA facilitates collaboration across the system, provides a forum for ease of communication, advises Chancellor Office personnel on matters under FOA purview and serves as the intermediary for cross-functional communication on the officers’ respective campuses.

FOA meets regularly to collect and disseminate information, coordinate events and activities including various business conferences and seminars, support units under the members’ leadership with the formation of forums, training and development opportunities.

FOA reports its fiscal plans, major goals and objectives to CABO periodically and receives guidance from CABO through their appointed liaison.

The Chancellor’s Office appoints liaison officers for each major function to FOA as standing members for providing information, collecting feedback for decision making process with broader impact, supporting FOA with resources and subject matter expertise as necessary.

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